What is E-business - Distribution

Businesses can dramatically improve efficiencies by using a comprehensive web-based application that supports unassisted business-to-business and business-to-consumer selling via the Internet and enables organizations to rapidly establish an online selling avenue that complements and extends their existing field, call center, and indirect sales channels.  Using internet solutions, customers and sales professionals can search for products in a rich multimedia catalog, configure custom product and service solutions, place orders, confirm that the orders are valid and deliverable, and check on order status.

Organizations can  maximize each customer interaction by providing personalized views of products and services based on the customer's profile, specific environment, and current requirements.

Improve the contact between your dealerships and resellers because:
Providing fast and accurate information via phone is often problematic in peak times.
Adding qualified help for brief peak periods is difficult.
Error rates from phone and fax communications and the inherent inefficiencies are significant.
Updating customer information without interrupting the sales process is difficult.

Many times,
Customers are unable to connect immediately with an operator.
Customers are sometimes put on hold for unacceptably long periods of time which results in lost sales and unhappy customers.
Customer service/sale representatives tied up for hours on one telephone call.
The average time to process one part is too long.
Frustrated customers fax inquiries to competitors or shop elsewhere.
Excessive error rate from faxed inquiries.
Validating and correcting orders consume a significant amount time to research and correct.

If phone and fax are the primary means of customer contact between you and your customers, you should know that these types of manual processes are both labor and paper-intensive, inefficient, costly, and highly error-prone.

What can an internet solution provide?
1 Customers can access the information they need through a website using a standard browser in a secure environment.
2 Customers can inquire about specific products using codes or via a keyword search.
3 Prevent order errors by validating product codes, configurations, etc. as the order is entered.
4 Customers can receive information on stock availability, pricing, new order shipment status, or other suitable/compatible products if the part is out of stock.
5 Order parts, if desired.
6 Select shipment methods or configure shipments.
7 Submit orders or save current sessions and "batch submit" orders at a later date.
8 View an order summary page containing products ordered, total cost, shipping information, and invoice number.
9 Click on an icon and confirm orders.
10 Provide for targeted pricing.
11 Email more complex or general inquires, if necessary.

The bottom line for how e-business applications can improve your company:
Higher levels of accuracy
Increased timeliness of deliveries
Reduction in staff committed to the phone and paper processes