What is E-Business - Manufacturing

One of the biggest problems in any manufacturing environment is the timing of information flow.  Applications that enable improved forecasting and inventory visibility across the supply chain lead to faster inventory turns, reducing both inventory carrying costs and products' overall cost base.  Collaborative tools reduce engineering-to-production cycle times and let companies design, launch, and retire products rapidly in response to market forces.

By using e-business-based solution, a company can improve:

Product Configuration - Help your customers select and order the correct product the first time.  An online product configuration tool can help customers and sales staff reduce errors and omissions.
Product Availability - Reduce loads on account mangers by providing real time status of orders and availability of product to customers.
Purchasing - Automate procurement processes and transactions.
Returned Material Authorizations - Enable customers to more easily log requests and receive authorizations.
Quality - Provide customers and suppliers with timely quality metrics.
Engineering Change Requests - Make the process more manageable by digitizing the process and managing the changes more effectively.
Engineering Change Board Review (ECB ) - Eliminate the tedious copying and distribution of packages, easily keep track of review status, and provide real time feedback to suppliers and partners.
Customer Satisfaction - Improve customer satisfaction by offering 24-hour access to products, greater search capability, more efficient order processing, and shorter delivery time.
Business Expansion - Expand into new markets through e-business technology.
Business Recognition - Enhance business image as an industry leader by using innovative technology in business processes.

The bottom line for how e-business applications can improve your company:
Higher levels of accuracy and efficiency
Real time information exchange with customers, suppliers, and partners
Increased timeliness of deliveries
Reduction in staff committed to the phone and paper processes