What is E-Business - Service Providers

Providing exceptional service is the only way to stay competitive and customer satisfaction is the way to retention.  One test of your relationship with the people who buy your products or service is your ability to help them when problems arise. How quickly and efficiently can you resolve issues related to service, returns, or financial accounts?  How can you make this process smoother and easier for both you and your channel partners and customers?  Today, these time-consuming activities are typically handled by your customer service representatives and sales force and communicated via phone calls, faxes, printouts, and forms - with relatively little opportunity for return on the large investment in human capital.  By empowering partners and customers to access data directly via the internet, our solution automates redundant, easily answered information queries about equipment service, merchandise returns, and account status.

By using e-business-based solution, your company can:

Enhance channel partner and customer satisfaction and loyalty
Make it easier for channel partners and customers to do business with you by improving the speed, convenience, and accuracy of responses to inquiries
Eliminate unproductive, frustrating telephone queues
Increase timeliness of service
Reduce overhead costs and minimize the length of billing and payment cycles
Provide online support - Help customers help themselves and reduce your call time
Excel at service management - scheduling, service order placement, and confirmations, account status, payment

The bottom line for how e-business applications can improve your company:
Higher levels of accuracy
Increased timeliness of deliveries
Reduction in staff committed to the phone and paper processes